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Traveling through time isn’t enough

Some people think traveling through time is easy. It might look that way. But they don’t consider that you need to travel space, too. Wait, why space, too?
Let’s start easy. If you want to meet me at work you need 4 dimension. You might think it is just an address, but it isn’t. The first dimension is the street. To make is easy the street goes from east to west in a straight line. Well the street is very long. In order to find me you need the house number. That is like drawing another line from north to south (second dimension). If you think that you are able to meet me yet, you are WRONG! I work in a skyscraper. You need to also the number of the have the number of the floor. Now you can meet me!? WRONG! You might show but at the correct place, but at the wrong time. You might be there in the night or during my lunch break. So you need also the fourth dimension the time.
When it comes to GPS navigation you need those information twice, because you need to know from where and when you are coming.

Now with time travel it is even worse. You are standing on the earth. It rotates with about ~ 464 m/s. If you try time traveling while visiting me, and miss the correct time only by a split second you might fall down a long way down from the height of the skyscraper. But it doesn’t end there. The earth orbits the sun. That is 29.85 m/s additional movement to the earth’s rotation. Our solar system rotates in in our galaxy the milky way. The milky way rotates, too. The galaxy is moving through the universe / space. Plus the universe is expanding. And it the expanding speed is increasing. Good luck with time traveling!. Do the math and meet me in my skyscraper, yesterday! I think this the point most science fiction authors didn’t tell you. So next time you travel through time and space and you are very good. Don’t forget your parachute. If you are not so good in math don’t forget your space suite, just in case…


  1. The earth rotates
  2. The earth orbits around the sun
  3. The solar system orbits around the in a rotating galaxy
  4. The galaxy is moving in the universe
  5. The universe is ever expanding. Faster and faster.

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You Know You’re a ChileHead if

  1. You don’t have to worry about your roommates stealing your food
  2. Your toilet paper spontaneously combusts after use
  3. You’re tired of people asking about those dried Thai peppers floating around in your breakfast cereal.
  4. More than half of the souvenirs from that last tropical vacation were hot sauces and spices
  5. You never go in to a food store without checking the price, or selection of hot peppers and hot sauces.
  6. The door of your refrigerator has more than ten bottles of hot sauce.
  7. The sissy salsa you made, accidentally, seems to set most of your coworkers on fire.
  8. “Ring of fire” and “burns twice” actually mean something to you.
  9. You have ever sent/received contraband Chile seeds from a foreign country
  10. you sweat, even in the middle of winter.
  11. You carry one of those little Tabasco bottles around with you. Just in case.
  12. When cooking, you often start sneezing. Just because.

For female geeks


Sicheres Password

Es tut uns leid, Ihr Passwort muss mindestens einen Großbuchstaben, zwei Ziffern, ein Symbol, eine inspirierende Nachricht, einen Zauberspruch, ein Gang-Logo, eine Hieroglyphe und das Blut einer Jungfrau enthalten.

der verückte Taxifahrer

Heute morgen auf dem Weg zum Flughafen. Der Taxifahrer war heute morgen um 3 noch nicht so ganz wach oder nicht mehr. Auf jeden Fall fuhr der Taxifahrer ziemlich oft von der einen auf die andere Spur (bei 2 Spuren pro Richtung). Irgentwann hatte er sich mit sich selber wohl geeinigt und fuhr mit dem Mercesstern zielend mittig auf der gestrichelten Linie. Als die Straße sich auf eine Spur verengte hat er wohl 3 oder 4 mal den Bordstein mit den Reifen und oder Felgen geditscht. Ich habe das nicht weiter kommentiert. Es war schon ein wenig wie fliegen bzw. Achterbahnfahren.

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webdesigners vs developers

There’s a nice picture about webdevs vs pixeldroppers xD

webdesigners vs developers

webdesigners vs developers

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How many?

How many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb? None – that’s a hardware problem.

skype friends

One of my skype friends is always online: echo123

Schlachterdeutsch für Anfänger

Morgens um 9 beim Schlachter

Zwei halbe mit Mett

Mit Gewürz und Zwibeln?


Zum hier oder mit?

Zum mit

Das sind dann 2 Euro

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Rechts vor Lynx.
Ich bin lynxhänder.
Im wilden westen wurden die Leute gelynxt.
Meine Lynxdrüsen sind geschwollen.
Lynx Du mich etwa an?

Wem noch ein lynxige Sachen einfallen, der darf gerne einen Kommentar hinterlassen. Spambots sind ausgeschlossen.

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