SSLCipherSuite alias crypto wars

Choosing the correct SSL cipher can be very difficult. Having the best encryption, still fast, having a “Modern compatibility”.


The current best solustion is with all browsers to have 256 bit encryption ( Chrome is currently the only browser that uses only 128 bit with this config).

— Edit —

Chrome might barf about a not modern config, hoever the encryption is not 256 in all cases. That is why I switched back to


debian boots into uefi shell

Today one of my linux servers did not boot. Instead there was a grub uefi shell. Typing the help command listed a bunch of commands in dark blue on a dark grey. Not easy to read. Trying to use the gui did not solve the problem. Resetting the config did also not help. Some forum posts said to create a symlink to the efi file. My issue was that /boot/efi is a separate partion due btrfs on the my system.

What did work was using the command line to add the efi again.

bcfg boot add 0 fs0:\EFI\debian\grubx64.efi "Debian"

However writing in english mode on a german style keyboard is often “times of wonder”. Use # ( hash) for the backslash and รค for the quotes. I still wonder why I have to use a backslash on a linux system…

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