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Global php composer install or update

Installing or updating a global installed composer can be a PITA if you don’t want to rely on the Linux distro
An easy way is:

curl -sS | sudo php -- --install-dir=/bin --filename=composer

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git cheat sheet

Delete all local branches but master and the current one

git branch | grep -v "master" | grep -v ^* | xargs git branch -D;

what did I do? aka git last commit

git diff @~..@

What did I do the last week?

git log --stat --since='1 Week Ago' --graph --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit --date=relative

git log only the relevant merges

git log --all --graph --decorate --oneline --simplify-by-decoration

show all untracked files

git ls-files --others --exclude-standard

last tag

describe --tags --abbrev=0

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