Traveling through time isn’t enough

Some people think traveling through time is easy. It might look that way. But they don’t consider that you need to travel space, too. Wait, why space, too?
Let’s start easy. If you want to meet me at work you need 4 dimension. You might think it is just an address, but it isn’t. The first dimension is the street. To make is easy the street goes from east to west in a straight line. Well the street is very long. In order to find me you need the house number. That is like drawing another line from north to south (second dimension). If you think that you are able to meet me yet, you are WRONG! I work in a skyscraper. You need to also the number of the have the number of the floor. Now you can meet me!? WRONG! You might show but at the correct place, but at the wrong time. You might be there in the night or during my lunch break. So you need also the fourth dimension the time.
When it comes to GPS navigation you need those information twice, because you need to know from where and when you are coming.

Now with time travel it is even worse. You are standing on the earth. It rotates with about ~ 464 m/s. If you try time traveling while visiting me, and miss the correct time only by a split second you might fall down a long way down from the height of the skyscraper. But it doesn’t end there. The earth orbits the sun. That is 29.85 m/s additional movement to the earth’s rotation. Our solar system rotates in in our galaxy the milky way. The milky way rotates, too. The galaxy is moving through the universe / space. Plus the universe is expanding. And it the expanding speed is increasing. Good luck with time traveling!. Do the math and meet me in my skyscraper, yesterday! I think this the point most science fiction authors didn’t tell you. So next time you travel through time and space and you are very good. Don’t forget your parachute. If you are not so good in math don’t forget your space suite, just in case…


  1. The earth rotates
  2. The earth orbits around the sun
  3. The solar system orbits around the in a rotating galaxy
  4. The galaxy is moving in the universe
  5. The universe is ever expanding. Faster and faster.

social engineering leicht gemacht mit dem MAC und einem USB Stick

Es ist in einer Firma in der die meisten einen MAC benutzen sehr leicht an Daten heranzukommen. Einfach mal dem Mac Kollegen den USB Stick für ausleihen. Wenn der jenige dann die Daten auf dem USB Stick löscht, aber den Mülleimer nicht leert, dann findet man später auf dem Windows / Linux PC, vorausgesetzt man lässt sich versteckte und Systemdateien anzeigen, auf dem USB Stick einen Ordner mit dem Namen .Trashes . Da vorneweg ein “.” ist, ist der Ordner auf dem MAC nicht zu sehen. Und genau in diesem Ordner finden man dann die gelöschten Daten ;-)


Au einem chat von mir:

ich: Argh! ich muss für jemanden ein vernünftiges Julklapp Geschenk im Wert von 5 Euro finden. Für einen Mann mitte 40. Hast Du ne Idee?
de: was dekroatives
de: eine Zigarre
ich: der ist Astmatiker
de: einen luftbefeuchter
de: einen gestricken Inhalator-Überzug

Dann hat er nicht verstanden, warum ich laut lachen mußte :D

11 reasons to date a female geek

1) She can fix your computer and make a website for your new startup.
2) She has friends who can fix your computer and design a database for you.
3) She can program your mother’s VCR and Tivo your favorite shows.
4) Her friends can program your mother’s VCR and Tivo your favorite shows
5) She can fix your friends’ computers.
6) She’ll make you shine wherever you go — how many of your friends are smart enough to date such a smart and useful woman?
7) She can pick out a the right cell phone/mp3 player/digital camera for you. Even better she can afford to buy it for you.
8) She’ll be so happy that someone appreciates her for her real talents, that she’ll adore you.
9) She won’t cheat either. Given a choice between George Clooney and the newest tech toy, she’ll take the toy.
10) Did I mention that she can fix your computer, make a website, design a database, install your cable modem and WiFi router, setup you iTunes for automatic download of your favorite artists, download your Outlook contacts onto the new cellphone/mp3 player/digital camera that she bought you?
11) And, she can cook dinner while doing all of the above.

Silicon Proverbs

  1. Home is where you hang your @
  2. The e-mail of the species is more deadly than the mail
  3. A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click
  4. You can’t teach a new mouse old clicks
  5. Great groups from little icons grow
  6. Speak softly and carry a cellular phone
  7. C:\ is the root of all directories
  8. Don’t put all your hypes in one home page
  9. Pentium wise; pen and paper foolish
  10. The modem is the message
  11. Too many clicks spoil the browse
  12. The geek shall inherit the earth
  13. A chat has nine

Kreditkarteninformationenklau leicht gemacht

Social engineering ist ja oft das Stichwort wenn es um den Klau von Kreditkarteninformationen geht. Aber warum so umständlich? Heute bei dem Besuch bei BurgerKing© waren dort am Tresen 3 Bezahlgeräte für Kreditkarten. Auf 2 von den 3 waren die Zettel nicht abgerissen.  So hätte ich locker und ohne jegliche Mühe die Kontonummer, Inhaber, BLZ, und Kreditkartennummer von 2 Leuten haben können.

Augen auf beim Burgerkauf!

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